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Warehouse and storage spaces rent in Riga.

Warehouses for Rent. The best offer from SIA D22, the operator of the production and warehousing complex at 22D Ganību Dambis, allow you to rent exactly the space you need for warehousing and cargo handling in the location which is virtually the centre of Riga. There is an option of changing the area of the storage facility, ranging from dozens to thousands of square meters, depending on your needs. Logistics is made easy by the location of the warehouse on a major road open for heavy truck traffic and its proximity to a sea harbour. Finding a warehouse to rent in Riga at a similarly convenient location and at a more attractive price is next to impossible. There is an option of renting an office or production hall near the storage facility. The well-designed territory of the complex equipped with amenities is guarded and has a CCTV system.

Стоимость: 117 РУБ (usd eur uah)

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